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How to rectify QuickBooks POS Error 193?

QuickBooks POS is an efficient retail management software that performs various tasks easily. The software is especially tailored to give customer-oriented results. Apart from inventory management & sales, QuickBooks POS gives various loyalty & reward offers to the users. Despite being exclusive, POS appears with certain issues in an error form. QuickBooks POS 193 also known as stock exchange error. The error mainly occurs when there is any issue while  performing a user’s mailbag.

What leads to QuickBooks POS Error 193?

QuickBooks POS error 193 depicted with the displayed messages such as a).Primary key for depth keywords is different. b) Primary key for Table “Customer rewards” isn’t different.

Causes Responsible for Stock exchange Error 193 QB POS

Several issues that leads to arrival of QuickBooks POS Error:-

  • If the name & departmental codes are the same.
  • While opening merged or deleted customers.
  • QB files get damaged.
  • Remote customer list gets corrupted.

How to resolve QuickBook POS error 193?

Seeking for easy & effective ways to resolve the error trouble. Bookmark our page, as you will find more recent updates constituting effective solutions to fix complex errors. Follow these instructions to fix QuickBooks POS error 193:-

  • Firstly, navigate to reports.
  • Open up customer lists.
  • Run & select the first customer from the list.
  • Hit double click on the selected customer.
  • Expand the open list & check details of chosen customers.
  • Select All options & hit on I want to—-.
  • Mark Delete the customer Checkbox
  • Go to Files, select utilities & resend.
  • Now check the mailbag at the store. 

With these steps, you will be able to fix QuickBooks POS error 193. To learn more about other effective ways, get in touch with us at +1-855-929-O12O

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