QuickBooks Payroll Error 15222 1

QuickBooks Payroll Error 15222

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Now Stuck with QuickBooks Payroll Error 15222? No need to worry about that. Here’s the solution. This blog is a sound effort to get you rid out of this problem. 

Now What is QB Payroll Error 15222?

QuickBooks Error 15222 takes place while downloading payroll or updating QuickBooks Desktop.

Causes of QB payroll Error 15222

To identify the source of Error 15222, we require to understand the prime parameters mentioned below:
  • Primarily , anti spyware and anti-malware consider QuickBooks update as a warning. In this scenario, we must take note that QuickBooks Error 15222 is not associated with antivirus till it couples with anti-spyware.
  • It occurs when the register digital signatures do not work any more and the function is active in the Internet Explorer.
  • This occurs when the Internet Explorer is not set as the default browser.

Efficient ways to Resolve QB Payroll Error 15222.

Repair error code 15222 with these prominent ways. Follow the instructions carefully:-

Now Install A Digital Signal Certificate

  • In the beginning, you need to close the QuickBook Desktop. It should be shut down in the very beginning because if QuickBooks is open, then the Digital Signature tab will not be displayed.
  • Next, just right click on QBW32.exe, which is located in C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks and choose Properties.
  • Then click on the Digital Signature tab.  In this case, ensure that Intuit, Inc. is selected in the signature list.
  • The next step is to select Details and in the Digital Signature Details window, click on View Certificate. 
  • Then in the Certificate window, Click on “Install Certificate”. 
  • Now keep clicking on the “Next” button until the message “Finish” is displayed.
  • After the completion of the procedure, restart your computer, open QuickBooks, and download the update again.

You Need To Upgrade Some Softwares

You would require to upgrade  some softwares like anti-adware, anti-malware, anti-spyware to follow some exceptions like domains of Intuit.com, QuickBooks.com, and Payroll.com.

Now Validate The Settings Of Internet Explorer:

  • Firstly, you are required to set the Internet Explorer as the default browser.
  • Now check whether the date and time of the computer is correct or not.
  • Now verify Cipher Strength.
  • Now update the whole setting by clicking on Tools and then choosing Internet Options.  You would need to choose “Delete” from the general tab.  Then, select the “Temporary Internet Files” and click “Delete”. Lastly, select LAN settings on the Connection tab.
  • Lastly,  mark the checkbox next to “Automatically Detect Settings” and make sure both SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 are marked.

Hopefully, with the above mentioned steps, definitely you will be able to resolve the QuickBooks Payroll Error 15222. For more help, connect to us at +1-855-929-O12O.