Quickbooks Desktop & its Exclusive Product versions

Being one of the leading accounting software, Quickbooks plays an important role in business accounting. Quickbooks is indeed an exclusive product of Intuit that is specially designed to serve the accounting section of an organisations, Whether you a retailer, wholesaler, professional, non professional, doesn’t matter. What matters the most is, Accounting & Finance. The core aspect of every business needs depend on these two’s. If you are thinking to splurge on the Quickbooks Desktop. Then, you might come across the various deviations. As there are various product versions of Quickbooks Desktop are available. Pro, Payroll, Premier, Enterprise & Accountant are some of the exclusive product versions. And here you can get complete Quickbooks Desktop Support.
  • Quickbooks Pro – The Pro is an initial version of Quickbooks Desktop. Freelancers, Self-employed, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs are its common users. Small scale business houses which generates revenue upto $1 million is considered.
  • Quickbooks Payroll – Especially designed for large organisation that requires estimates of payroll accounting, producing paychecks for employees, W-2’s for contractors, etc.
  • Quickbooks Premier – Like Pro, Premier offer extensive benefits to the user for Industry-specific purposes. Moreover attain further benefits from Quickbooks Pro with multi-user modes.
  • Quickbooks Enterprise – Enterprise is one of the advanced phase of Quickbooks accounting. Here, you can avail various accounting benefits from managing expenses to tracking inventory to scheduling payments, Quickbooks are into many. The software offers various exclusive benefits to the user.

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