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How to Correct a Bank Deposit Error in QuickBooks

QuickBooks offer numerous benefits to the users in managing accounting and financial transactions. The software is highly exclusive and endowed with incredible features. From tracking expenses to invoice processing to inventory management, the software gives exemplary benefits to the user. Sometimes, users get into the QuickBooks trouble that needs to be handled in a comprehensive manner. At the time of facing issues, users can simply contact our experts by dialling QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number 1-855-929-O12O. For any of your issues or query, they will help you in eliminating the issues. 

Well, there are a number of issues in QuickBooks. Here, we are going to discuss how to correct a bank deposit error in QuickBooks. You will receive an alert when modifying the deposit that’s already associated with your bank account or invoice. In order to resolve this, firstly you are required to un-deposit the transactions ahead of editing or deleting 

Here’s how you can do this -

  • Head to the Reports tab.
  • Look for Deposit detail in the search field. 
  • Change the date to display the deposits you would like to adjust.
  • Press on the run report button.
  • Select the amount in the Amount column. 
  • Press the customer name in the Received form column.
  • Under the customer name, click on the deposit date. 
  • Next save and new. 
  • The amount now will be displayed as a pending deposit in the Bank deposit screen.
  • Again select customer name again to open the transactions. 
  • Correct the amount received. 
  • Click on the Save option. 

After completion, you can redeposit the precise amount and continue your reconciliation. If you have further queries in mind, simply talk to our experts at 1-855-929-O12O. 

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